TheSheDM is a medium humanoid. Her natural environment is temperate rain forests, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. You can find TheSheDM traveling alone or in small packs, especially near public transit centers and sushi bars. 

I started writing because of all the things that bubble up in my mind about D&D. I want to share anything that could help other DMs and players. There are so many other great D&D blogs – I can’t even list them all – and mine must surely be paltry in comparison to some of the great ones out there!

I’ve been playing D&D for approximately 14 years. I cut my rpg teeth on 3rd edition in high school, where I met my husband, and now we are both Local Coordinators for D&D Adventurers League, and play organizers for the largest game store in the Far West Region.  I also enjoy Star Wars rpgs, Marvel Heroics, Jadepunk, Escape or Die!, and a great many boardgames!

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