Unboxing Time!

The goristro here looks pretty badass. Like most of wizkids minis the paint job is lacking. It’s pretty much mostly a flat color with a wash, but it’ll do. 

Just picked up a couple of treats at my FLGS!

The booster boxes yielded some okay minis and a pair of big baddies that will definitely come in handy. 

FROGHEMOTH! Great sculpt! Paint job is flat green, barely any wash, but I might touch it up with a bit of dry brushing. It’s a great mini!

Okay, tackling the Halaster’s Lab set! Pulling it out of the box is impressive – lots of pieces to unpack. They’re pretty snug, be careful pulling them out of their slots.

This piece I pulled out first. Looks like the hand and eye of Vecna, on a plush pillow with a glass dome. Unfortunately the dome is slightly off-center and foggy, obscuring the details.

Some nice decor…

But my pseudodragon on a perch has a broken wing right out of the box. Going to be a difficult fix due to the tiny contact point.

Some desiccated corpses that I can’t help but giggle at because they look like they’re dancing here. Also super reusable.

Now this is a nice piece with lots of details!
Left to right, starting at the top: Blue dragon skull, scrolls, globe, books, hourglass, more books, test tubes, Erlenmeyer flask, skull, scale, mortar & pestle, bottle, retort flask, an urn, some canisters, cylinder bottle, firkin barrel, and another urn (or large jar). All this goes nicely with…

A table full of stuff! There’s a small locked box, vials, candlestick, assorted jars, book w/ quill pen, mortar & pestle, scroll, another skull, gold goblet, and some more books & scrolls. When your party loots all of this, you can swap it for the empty table.

Halaster has more books than shelves apparently.

There’s a coaster-sized magic portal:

That summons a helpful demon hand!

I haven’t read Dungeon of the Mad Mage yet, but this seems ominous…

Well this piece was sort of disappointing. It’s 1.5 inches tall but the “sand” is painted, as seen here upside-down. It is large enough, and I have seen some really tiny sand timers, if this had been a functional sandglass, that would have really knocked this set out of the park. Maybe I can buy a tiny timer myself and modify it.

The piece de resistance is the wardrobe with functional doors. Not bad looking closed…

Fabulous looking when open! Halaster is a real trendsetter.

1 thought on “Unboxing Time!

  1. An-nd, now I want that set. Arggh, I just got interested in using minis in my games and bought a lazy susan to put them on during play but my characters are not even in undermountain yet! For all I know, they are going to scarper off into the wilderness any day now. Nice blog, shall follow.

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