Who Even Still Reads Blogs?

*Flicks on the light switch and blows dust off the top of this blog*

Well! Lets try this again!

Why did I stop updating this blog oh-so-long ago? Because I was holding myself back.
I frequently found myself interested in certain topics, but when I considered writing a post about them, I told myself it wasn’t worth doing because clearly every other writer had already said enough about it. I felt insecure about treading topics already well-worn by writers better than myself.

I also wasn’t painting much, though in 2018 I did start back up! And I painted a few great minis and even started an Instagram in hopes of sharing my minipainting more!

Then in December 2018, I broke my right hand. I couldn’t paint, knit, write, or do much of anything without help from my husband.

It is now late January 2019, and my hand is mending. My hand is still very fragile, but I can type and paint again! Hooray! And my month-long hiatus has opened my eyes to how much my hobbies matter to me, including writing this blog.

So I’m dusting off the blog and setting things up again. I’m encouraging myself to write about anything that interests me – even if I think others have said it better before me because that’s impossible to avoid.

Am I still anxious about it? Absolutely, especially now that the go-to format seems to be youtube videos. They’re all wildly popular now and no one raves about blogs anymore. Maybe I should try that? It’s really intimidating though!!

So if you’re still out there, reading this dusty old blog, let me know! I have no idea what I’ll write about next, but I will try to post something new soon!

7 thoughts on “Who Even Still Reads Blogs?

  1. Nice to see a blog resurrect itself! More articles like How to be an Effective DM, Finding a DM: Experience vs Talent, or Et tu DM would be great.

    Resubbed… or at least waiting for Feedly to show me new articles.

  2. I have always enjoyed your posts in the past. I’m glad your hand is doing better. Sometimes it’s relaxing reading a blog post over diving into the deluge of YouTube videos. I do like videos, but there’s always something about written blogs. Maybe because writers put a tad bit more into correcting/changing what they want to say. However, if you do go the YouTube route, I’d subscribe to your channel like I have your blog. Best wishes on your decision.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and I look forward to seeing more posts! 🙂 Somewhat coincidentally, I’ve been fighting off tendinitis/carpal tunnel since last year, so I feel your pain! ❤ Couldn't draw, type, read for months – could barely hold a book T^T I'm glad to hear you're on the mend and I hope you do lots of hobby stuff this year! 🙂

  4. Absolutely still out here, absolutely excited to read what you have to say.

    Don’t stop writing, please.

    Glad to hear you’re healing, and excited to

    Also: Please don’t fear the well-tread ground. Your perspective is WHY we read your blog. What you have to say matters to us! Don’t focus on what makes you different, or try to reach beyond the well-explored ideas.

    That’s my take on it, anyhow…

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