Unicorns and Dinosaurs

Hey! How about some minipainting? Lets test out this embedded album and see if it works:

Stonehaven Miniatures’ Undead Unicorn was very inspiring for me. I painted this around the tail end of 2014 but I only recently got around to photographing it. I felt free to play around with it as I didn’t have a planned purpose for this mini. So when I based it I tried some OSL for fun, I didn’t want a gross rotting unicorn – I wanted a unicorn that was beautiful even in death. So I tried to make her look a little ghostly and glowing.

I didn’t really know how I wanted to base it at first. Its small enough for a medium base, but I didn’t want it on a base that small. Picking through my bits, I found the sort of fence looking piece and a tombstone and had an idea. The story just kind of formed itself in my mind as I assembled the base.

When the villagers found the cold body of the beautiful unicorn, they were appalled and uncertain. Its death lay at the hands of young Jeiner, an accident he claimed, when he thought the silky white hide glimmering in the shadows of the Esterwilds was a rare albino doe.

Skinning such a sacred creature was unthinkable, but so was leaving it to rot. The simple farmers and craftspeople were without guidance, else they would have realized leaving the creature to be reclaimed by the forest was the best they could hope to do. Instead, they did what they sensibly did with the dead body of every thinking creature that passed away in their hamlet.

The town’s leader was also the town’s only priest, a retired acolyte who knew only basic prayers but did his best to look over his small flock. They interred the body in the village cemetery. Obern said his solemn prayers and the villagers bowed their heads. Then… they all moved on. They resumed their simple lives.

But it couldn’t end that simply. A creature as pure and as powerful as a unicorn does not simply die. It lives on, its very spirit rejoining the forest in eternal unity. So it should have, but this unicorn’s spirit stirred, strained, and found it could not rejoin. It was chained, brutally bound by the simple rituals laid over the cemetery by wary priests generations ago when simple villages feared the restlessness of their ancestors.

So Moonscream was born in the cool night of midsummer. The spirit of the once joyous unicorn forced back into her decaying bones, her spirit tormented and chained. She wanders the tiny hamlet at night, seeking the creatures that denied her the rest she so well deserved.

I think I’ll make a mini adventure based on this and run it for my friends sometime.

Like the unicorn, I actually painted these dinosaurs in 2014 for my husband’s dino-druid and only just took pictures of them. There’s actually another dinosaur – a big carnosaur type – that I haven’t painted yet.

They aren’t the best photos I’ve ever taken, and I’m too lazy/busy now to clean each pic individually a real editing program at the moment.

All four raptors are from Reaper. The baby raptor is from Bombshell Miniatures, and the pterodactyl was from… some obscure company I found after many fruitless hours on the internet. I don’t even remember where I got them from but I remember I had to buy a bundle of them. I received roughly a dozen of them, and gave several away on /r/minipainting.

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