Recommendation Level Up!

Some of the positive effects D&D can have outside the game store or away from the table is measured in the skills we gain from a game that is complex enough to require social, math, and reading skills, not to mention creativity and problem solving. One of our volunteer DMs for Encounters at our FLGS (Guardian Games) requested a letter of recommendation for his volunteer hours so he could use it qualify for a certain program he was trying to get into. I mentioned it on twitter and gladly obliged. I wanted to shared it here because it was pretty special to be able to help that DM use his D&D experience for an application. Edited for privacy: letter-of-rec

2 thoughts on “Recommendation Level Up!

  1. That’s pretty awesome! Good on you for recognizing the positive leadership aspects involved, and pointing them out in a way prospective employers can see.
    One of my favorite bullet statements on a performance report from a few years ago is my “ran a guild in WoW” bullet. My Air Force supervisor initially balked, but I said “Hear me out for a minute.” I explained everything involved to her, and she agreed that it sounded pretty good. Our squadron Chief saw it and said “WTF is this?” I got to have the same conversation with her, and at first she was very opposed. But sure enough, by the end, she nodded and said I sold it to her. “Led 53-member international recreational group; organized scheduled events & mediated disputes” or something like that ended up on my EPR.

    Who said games don’t teach us anything useful? Nice post.

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