The Eternal Dragonborn

A while back I wrote a funerary verse for the death of a dragonborn NPC in my home game. Recent urging from a friend encouraged me to post it here.

In my world, dragonborn souls, their animus, reincarnate in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Since all dragonborn are united in this fate – no one goes to a heaven or hell – they have a very strong sense of community. It became important to me to show how the dragonborn felt about death as merely a temporary state for the soul to transition through.

They also worship all three dragon gods equally – Tiamat representing a natural force of wrath and strength with which to defend themselves and their homes, Bahamut is good and justice to keep them on the right path, and Io is (neutral) fairness and knowledge to give them the means to improve themselves and know what is true in the world.

The Keeper refers to the Keeper of Names, the dragonborn that keeps the names of the dead and tracks which dragonborn souls have been reincarnated.

This soul sets free to rise above the fray,
The Keeper takes your name and lays your path.
Remember no sorrow, tempt not to stray,
Be strong for us, fierce as Tiamat’s wrath.

And this soul, set free to wander, abides
Cold and wise as a star in the night skies.
Return to us adrift on ageless tides
As true as the light in Bahamut’s eyes.

Now this soul is free from sorrow and pain
To promise our fate in rebirth and death,
From shadows renewed with life and breath,
Eternal as Io, we rise again.

3 thoughts on “The Eternal Dragonborn

      • That’s really interesting was actually going to write an article about Dragonborn but I decided to pull it after Wizards put out their most recent playtest packet.

        I love when people get into details like funerary rites and things like that since they’re rarely explored.

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