Judge Not

Something I make a constant effort to do is keeping an open perspective of how other people play Roleplaying Games. I frequently witness other groups playing, or I read discussions online. As my group plays in public and I too post in online discussions, I’ve also been subject to others observing and commenting on how I play. It is a constant reminder that we all play differently.

Roleplaying isn’t about telling people how they should experience their own game. It transcends settings, editions, even entire systems.

We are rightfully entitled think the specific way we play our game is so awesome. Clearly we’re having so much fun, so it should be helpful to share how we enjoy the best about how we play, right?

But sometimes we get on the wrong path. We try to find a way to tell someone else if they’re roleplaying the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way, but we really can’t.

Its not because there’s a formula for the perfect roleplaying, it’s because we can’t play in anyone else’s shoes except our own. Our experience is entirely subjective to our own preference. We find a perfect balance for ourselves, but we’re still not the other person. The method he or she enjoys: they will swear by it, just like we will swear by ours.

Advice is helpful. Judgement is not. Challenge yourself to play a game differently if you desire, but never judge how someone else enjoys their game.

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