I Just Want Minis

I’m not going to write a review about Dungeon Command. A lot of folks have already written excellent reviews about the two sets, Heart of Cormyr and Sting of Lolth, and my favorite is over on BoardGameGeek.com. I agree with the conclusion – they’re great sets with complex rules for tactical play but the game lacks intensity and immersion resulting in very dry and distant game play.
What I’m really here to talk about is the minis. I’m a DM so is it worth it to buy a box just for the minis? Especially since Wizards of the Coast stopped making new miniature boosters? I know some friends are thinking about buying one or both sets just for the minis and tossing the rest.  Well, at $40 a box, you’re looking at a steep $3.33 per mini. Of course, we’re paying $3 a mini because we’re also paying for some tiles and cards (which happen to also work with the D&D boardgames). If you collect minis solely for the sake of an addiction, ahem, I mean collection, then is it worth it to buy the sets or better to just buy singles?
Most of these minis are repaints – meaning old sculpts, new shine. Assuming you don’t care whether it’s a repaint or an original – you just want some damn minis – then we really have to compare buying the original singles versus buying a $40 box.
 Demonweb Spider (x2)  = Deathjump Spider #54 Dungeons of Dread $3.99 (x2)
Drider = Drider #45 Desert of Desolation $11.99
Drow Assassin = Drow Assassin #20 Demonweb $2.49
Drow Blademaster = Drow Blademaster #46 Desert of Desolation $2.99
Drow House Guard (x2) = Drow Spiderguard #13 Dungeons of Dread $2.69 (x2)
Drow Priestess = Drow Arachnomancer #46 Underdark $7.49
Drow Wizard = New sculpt!
Giant Spider = Large Monstrous Spider #54 Dragoneye $14.99
Shadow Mastiff = Shadow Mastiff #36 Desert of Desolation $3.49
Umber Hulk = Umber Hulk Delver #57 Desert of Desolation $22.99
Grand Total $87.77
That’s comparing across two online vendors (TrollandToad.com and BeholdertheBargains.com) and choosing the lowest in-stock price at the time of my writing this. I’d have to drop over $80 to get all the minis that come in the Sting of Lolth box. I didn’t even tackle Cormyr. So cash-wise, yes it is totally worth it to get the box even if you intend on tossing the rest. Perhaps you should give the game a play before you do though, it’s not the next 40k but it will pleasantly pass an hour or so.

7 thoughts on “I Just Want Minis

  1. I’m not allowed to buy mini based games anymore, especially not collectible ones. Not after the great Hero Clix debacle of 2007. *shudder*
    They do look pretty though, maybe if I just buy it for the game? I don’t need any more minis other than those that come in the box? Right?

  2. Thanks for doing the math for me… I’ve been wondering about this same thing. I’m just building my collection now, and I easily drop $100 a month on minis for my campaigns. Looks like I could use the game-as-a-mini-booster tactic to bolster their ranks.

  3. Thanks for the post and investigation of prices. I’m addicted to minis and was at a local game store the other day to look at buying a set or both. I must have walked around totting a box for 30 mins or more debating to myself if $40 was worth buying a set. I ended up just setting the box back down and not making the purchase. Now with the numbers you came up with, I might think about picking up the Lolth set. If I like them I may look into purchasing the Cormyr one or wait until the Goblin set is released.

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