Tentacle Frenzy

Am I far too obsessed with tentacle minatures? Possibly…

Regardless, if you liked my kraken miniature tutorial, you’ll probably find this second attempt pretty interesting. I put together some large tentacle miniatures from a set of novelty finger tentacles.

I purchased these for $2 each at a small convention, but I found them online for $10 for five and, best of all, I found they came in a second color: Green!

After you’ve acquired your tentacles of choice, you just need some 2″ round bases, some super glue. I also suggest using something for weight – fishing line weights or pennies should do. The tentacles are tall and tip over easily, the weights will help greatly with the finished product.





I made a video to show you step-by-step how easy it was to put these together. My first video tutorial, I got it posted up on Google+: Check it out here.

5 thoughts on “Tentacle Frenzy

      • Np…I was just wondering if you left the tentacles hollow or stuffed them with something before gluing them down. It looks like the fingers go way up into them. I’ll probably get some and experiment. Thanks for sharing the links/idea.

      • They are hollow almost all the way to the tips, I put 5 pennies inside the base of each one. If you add weight just near the base it will reduce how easily they tip over. You could use pennies or any sort of small heavy weight.

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