Heart Seed Wilden

I have always liked the concept of the wilden race. I was browsing some old notes and came across my homebrew notes for wilden and thought I’d share them here too. I wanted to incorportate wilden into my world and make their ties to plants a bit stronger, so I came up with the Heart Seed wildens and their orgin story.

In the begining there were the first trees: Yalirazil the Mother Tree and Sefir the Father Tree. They were gifted with wisdom and longevity and from their roots sprung vast forests that covered the world.

As the crawling races flourished, Yalirazil saw they stole the fruit of her limbs and devoured them. Then they took the heart seeds and planted them and tended the young trees so that they could forever more harvest the fruit as well. Yalirazil wept for her stolen fruit and for the young trees could no longer be born free.

Sefir watched the crawling races with great interest. He saw they learned to use the bones of fallen trees to fuel their fires and build their homes. As they grew, so did their building and with greater need, they crafted better weapons to hew down the living trees. Outraged, Sefir shook with furious anger as even the young trees were murdered to craft weapons of war.

Yalirazil and Sefir’s roots reached through the world and entangled with each other. Yalirazil spoke to Sefir saying “Truely we have lived too long, I would not wish to see the fruit of my limbs forever devoured by these monsterous parasites.” Sefir replied saying “Beloved, I have not lived long enough – for these insects yet torment my woodkin and I have not yet the means to wreck vengence upon them.”

Some say the gods took pity on Yalirazil and Sefir and bestowed a gift upon them. Other say that in Yalirazil and Sefir’s immense wisdom they sacrificed their own power to give birth to new life. The truth that both give is that Yalirazil bore ten extraordinary fruit, one from each of her ten limbs. When the fruits fell to earth, their husks broke and spilled forth the first wilden. Shaped in the image of the crawling races, the Mother Tree encouraged her children to walk among them and teach them to treasure nature’s gifts. Born with the fury of the woodkin, the Father Tree urged his children to sow terrible wrath against the defilers of nature. Together they bid the wilden that when the age of maturity came upon them they would take root and walk no more, raising their limbs to the sky and, given enough time, they would bear new wilden fruit to keep the race sustained.

The existance of the Mother and Father Trees is lost to the modern world. Some say both now exist only in the Feywild, safe from the ravages of the mortal races. In some places enormous tree stumps are revered as the stumps of the Trees that were cut down ages ago and treated like shrines by mortals and wilden alike (although the wilden might be doing so simply as a gesture of respect for the grave of such an immense tree, not necessarily because they believe it to be that of the Trees).

Heart Seed wilden are born from the fruit of wilden trees that were once ambulatory creatures. Young wilden emerge from their husks fragile but fully developed and are able to walk and talk immediately. They begin life with a great deal of basic knowledge imparted to them by their parent tree. If the mother tree dies before the fruit is ripened, or the fruit is plucked from the tree before full development, a stunted wilden is born. These wilden are less powerful than normal wilden, but much more savage and instinctual. If they live long enough, they will grow to catch up with their normal sized brethren but they will always remain vicious and territorial.
GW2 sylvari screen shot, looks good as a wilden
In a primal grove, a Heart Seed wilden is more likely to stay and protect the grove and its parent tree. However, wilden trees can root anyplace where there is sun, soil, and water. Thus wilden have been born in cemeteries, on cultivated farm lands, alongside well-traveled roads, or even in city parks. Wilden from these trees are more likely to wander and take up an adventurous lifestyle, as their tree parent likely did before it.

Heart Seed Wilden
Prerequisite: wilden race
You were born of a wilden tree’s fruit. You carry a heart seed within your chest and your mind is linked to your mother tree for as long as you both live, imparting some small knowledge to you as you adventure about. You gain the Heart Seed racial trait.
Associated Skill: Insight and Heal

Heart Seed racial trait
You cannot be resurrected. When you die, your body becomes a tough husk for your Heart Seed. See item: Heart Seed.

Item: Heart Seed
Level varies
This strange husk no longer resembles the wilden it once was. Roughly three feet long, the narrow shell seems impenetrable. Planting the seed grants a lifelong connection to the wilden tree that sprouts from the seed.

Special: The owner of a Heart Seed can plant the seed with a successful Nature check versus a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 level of the deceased wilden. In 2d4 days the seed will sprout and a sapling will rapidly grow to about five feet in height in the first day, afterwards resuming a normal tree growth pace. If the person that planted the seed is within 1 mile of the seed when it sprouts, they gain a +1 bonus to all Wisdom-related skill checks for as long as the tree lives. This effect does not stack if the character plants more than one Heart Seed. Planting a new Heart Seed can replace a lost bonus in the event the wilden tree dies.

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  1. I loved this post! Wizard didnt produce anything for Wilden since its publication. I havent seen a Wilden NPC anywhere either. *Thumbs up*

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