My Simple Thoughts about D&D Next

I’ve avoided posting or talking about D&D Next as the anouncments have been made. In part because when the anouncment was made I had a terrible cold and didn’t feel like writing anything. A great deal of energy was spent by people writing about what should be in a 5th edition, what they wish for and what they demanded be changed or not included.

I have to admit though that my best times as a player and a DM have happened with 4e. So here I am, in the midlife crisis of my D&D hobby. The future is uncertain – how can D&D Next possibly improve upon my greatest memories of playing D&D 4e? I don’t know but I’m diving into the playtest and I’m determined to give it a fair look. WotC says they’re going to listen to us. So I’m willing to speak up, and hope they actually listen.

I know one thing I am tired about is the edition wars. I’m tired of the petty fights on so many forums. I’m especially tired of inviting gamers to my organized play event and being told in the most condescending ways possible why they can’t/won’t/don’t ever play 4e. It’s a shitty attitude to have. This sense of “my edition is better than yours” is ridiculous and I hope it goes away. I hope it fades with time as the hobby moves foward, but I have a fear it won’t.

DreadGazebo said the following much more eloquently than I could at the time the anouncement was made:


I urge all of us to look upon this next edition of D&D with open eyes, and realize that we have the power to help shape the game we hold so dearly. Please retract your venomous tongues and stow your weapons, and let us make D&D our game once again, truly embrace the capabilities of what role playing games can evoke.

Let us do the hobby we hold so dearly a favor and help breathe life back into the game that created it, making it something grand and compelling once again. Make the world take second look at D&D, a thing people actually know about and look upon with intrigue and wonderment.

We are helping carry the flag now, it is time to firmly plant it in a solid foundation of community and fellowship. We are rebuilding a nearly 40 year old citadel from the ground up build up with blood, sweat, and tears. We have the opportunity to help shape a new golden era of gaming!

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