Lair Assault Season 2 Begins

If you weren’t already aware, I am the coordinator for Lair Assault at my local game store and we’ve received the Season 2 module for Lair Assault. Last season I ran a sort of “slot zero” for DMs only game and I wanted to do the same this season. It makes me feel confident about the DMs that sign up to run tables for me, and I don’t worry about them as much if I can’t be there – as I often won’t be able to be this season due to store and work schedule changes.

These zero-slot games runs a lot differently than when I DM for regular groups. For one, it’s the first run of the season: so no one is optimized for the challenges they face. In fact, most of them admitted to simply taking their Dawn of the Forge Titan characters and leveling them up to level 8 and swapping out a few items. Secondly, we over-analyze everything as it’s happening, and I openly admit whenever I missed something, or made a mistake, and we all mention when we see possible issues so that we, as a group of DMs, and address it all together. It ends up being a 60% play experience and 40% DM support group.

We did have a great deal of fun this Saturday. This season is a fairly large departure from what the previous Lair Assault season was like. Whether that’s because WotC learned something significant from Dawn of the Forge Titan or if that’s simply the way they had planned it all along, I don’t know. I hope this is a good pattern and future Lair Assaults will continue to be interesting, challenging, and unique each time.

Player @jelmore snapped this picture halfway through the first battle.


Player @jelmore took this pic at the begining of the second battle.


I took a close-up shot of the Litko flight stand I used to represent the crow's nest...


... and a view from the port bow!


2 thoughts on “Lair Assault Season 2 Begins

  1. I’ve noticed in the encounters program that DMs who went through the adventure with another group generally performed a lot better the second time around (I’m not sure if it was confidence or experience), so running a DMs only game is a great idea. Especially since the lair assault program that tends to be a little more complex than encounters.

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