Paper Zone Markers

Listening to Thursday Knights Podcast I’ve heard them mention their paper zone markers. Essentially these are small paper triangles folded in half so they stand up. Place four of them to mark a zone. The text on the triangle can show what the zone’s effect is. This is really great if you consistently use zones and need to remind everyone where they’re in effect and what they do.

Thursday Knights posted the instructions up on their webpage along with a download for the Photoshop template to make your own customized zone markers. The template is really amazing and I plan on using it.

Now, the zone markers are amazing but they also rely on having Photoshop. This made me think about who could access this template. Photoshop is a great tool, but not everyone has it. The template is also so specialized I don’t think that it’ll work if you convert it to another program, like Gimp for example.

I had an idea so I carefully pieced together my own template. Not nearly as beautiful as Thursday Knight’s template, it makes up for it in its accessibility. This pdf should be customizable by just about anyone that has a pdf reader on their computer. Free pdf readers are abundant, so anyone can use this template. Simply click inside the top triangle of each column and type your own text. Print on colored paper to make the zone marker more noticeable, or print on white cardstock and add color with markers or highlighters.

EDIT: I’ve updated the template to fix some errors I’ve since discovered.

Click Here to Download PDF!

3 thoughts on “Paper Zone Markers

    • I always liked the idea of Armorcast’s zone markers, but I felt they suffered for being opaque. If they could be cast in clear plastic I think they’d be amazing.
      A zone marker I commonly use is Litko’s multi color set of boundary tokens. They’re not as pretty but they’re durable and portable in a dice bag. Still, I love the idea of having my wizard’s zones marked with the damage or effect right there on the grid.

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