Lair Assault Tools!

Here there be Spoilers: Players wanting to be surprised when they play Lair Assault should steer away now!

Dungeon Masters that are gearing up to run some Lair Assault: Forge of the Dawn Titan might find these little standees useful.

The Lair hands out very few items, but those items have a pretty significant bonus: 5 fire resistance and +5 bonus to saving throws for ongoing fire damage. These standees will help remind players and DMs to include these bonuses during play.

Included on the sheet is one gem for the jeweled statue and three cloaks for the robes in the three closets. Simply print, cut, and fold to use these at your table.

Download the PDF here!

4 thoughts on “Lair Assault Tools!

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  2. This is great! These will be making an appearance at my next session. (I usually print out Magic-sized cards with the bonuses on them, but standees are neat!)

    I have a question (which may be slightly spoilery for some); you mentioned on the NewbieDM article about Lair Assault that you were at a table where the DM ran it in Nightmare Mode. I’m prepping for a Nightmare Mode run, and the description implies that there should be a second fire elemental; but I can’t find any clarification on whether or not that is the case. Did the DM in your session run it with two elementals?

  3. Yes indeed he did. You see, since the list of levels instructs you to select one monster of each level, the level 10 monster has only one choice: the fire element. This indicated to us that for Nightmare Mode since level 10’s only monster selection is the fire elemental, you must select two of them. It ended up making Nightmare Mode a really hefty challenge.

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