Scribbles, Birds, & Dwarven Wizards

“Hours of work and energy, gone! It would take me days to craft those scrolls again…”

Beltia poked through the disused arcanist’s shop, grumbling under her breath. It was easy for the others – she complained to the cobwebs. A sword is a sword is a shiny sharp chunk of metal, one was as likely as good as the next. Likewise for the armor they so needfully relied on, for all the hardships of war the men had not taken long at all to re-equip themselves with gear either gladly given or else scrounged up from armories and store rooms.

The dwarven wizard poked through the desk and nooks of what had obviously been the proprietor’s private stores. She had already raided the shop’s main inventory, what was left it it, and found nothing worth her time. If the shopkeeper had kept any quality items, they had long since been requisitioned by the Resistance. Beltia had only found one potion in a sturdy glass vial that had fallen behind a book, overlooked by whomever had ransacked the shelves, and a handful of useful components.

“O-ho, what’s this!?” Beltia’s fingers traced a line of elaborate inlaid wood along the left side of a chest of drawers. Concentrating on the deowomer she quickly determined its purpose. It took her only a moment to invoked the spell’s trigger. Light flared from her fingertips and skimmed along the seams of the chest, sparkling off the whorls and loops of the decorative woodwork. The flat side seemed to sink in on itself slightly, the lines of inlaid wood uncoiled and aligned themselves in a more geometric fashion until the chest of drawers impossibly presented a whole new side of drawers existing in the same narrow frame. Bemused, Beltia slid open the drawers one by one and exhumed their contents.

I’ve been organizing my files as I prepare for my new campaign. I came across this tidbit when reviewing old notes from a campaign I played in that was DM’ed by a friend. It was a great campaign with an epic plot.

It’s a habit of mine to write short scenes like this one – a sort of snapshot of my character’s life. This little scribble was never actually roleplayed in the game. Our characters had been given free rein to scavange or request supplies from our allies supplies after one session. As the only arcanist in the group, I was amused at the thought that my companions would all easily acquire new stabby things and armor from the rebels’ supplies. I imagined my character having to scrounge around like a looter to find anything decent for herself to use. Thus, this short scenario was written in my game notes while the DM was busy roleplaying things with the other players.

Recently he’s started a new game, set in the same campaign, a few years into the future. I’m playing a new character: Chiva, a kenku bard. We’re three sessions into the campaign and we’re investigating corrupt leaders and assassinations. I’ve written a few things for that game – starting with Chiva’s background – and I’ll try to post them here to share as they come up.

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