Sylloge Review

Sylloge is a paid droid app that allows you to access the Compendium if you have an active DDI account. At $0.99 and no option for a free trial, I was only slightly hesitant to buy in, but decided to do it anyway for the experience. As far as I know, Sylloge is the only app on the droid market that allows you to access the Compendium. Its a one time cost anyway, so at worst I’m just out a dollar.


Sylloge starts up quickly and gets right to business. Very simple layout with the search field across the top and a drop down box below to select topics. There are only 16 topics to filter results with: default, race, class, power, feat, item, skill, ritual, paragon path, epic destiny, monster, deity, glossary, trap, background, and companion. You can select nothing to search the entire compendium, or select a topic to search like race, or monster. Search for a word or phrase, and the results show up in a list. Tapping on an item takes you to the card view of the entry – if you are not logged in at this time, it will ask you to log in with your DDI info. You stay in Sylloge and hitting back takes you back to the search-generated list.

Search Performance

To compare how well Sylloge matches up to searching the Compendium, I searched both simultaneously. Browser is obviously faster, but Sylloge did pull results in about three seconds or less for most my searches. Sylloge does not tell you how many results are pulled. For example a default search for “fighter” resulted in an impossibly long list to wade through (421 results in the Compendium). This is further daunting by the fact the list seems to have no meaningful organization – it isn’t sorted by level or alphabetized – and you have no option to resort it. You also cannot add modifiers to your search phrase for any meaningful result. A search for “level 8 owlbear” results in all owlbears regardless of level.

Want It, Don’t Need It

I found Sylloge was not good for browsing, but it was good for finding something you need to check, provided you knew where to look. The question of whether you should pay $0.99 for it can only be answered by you. The most use I’ve had for Sylloge so far is resolving questions during idle conversations in non-game situations, talking about games while riding the bus or eating at a restaurant for example. On rare occasion it’s been my backup resource as DM when the game store’s WIFI is down. I can still look up conditions or pull together an impromptu treasure parcel, assuming I know exactly what I’m looking for.

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